Shala ,the hero of Liberec

The Albanian midfielder  Herolind Shala , was one of the protagonists among the Albanian players that play in Europe , thus turning a hero for his team Slovan Liberec. Last Saturday he scored two goals in the success 2-0 against Vysocina Jihlavas , in the 25th week of the Synot League (The first category of the Czech Republic). The midfielder  scored in the 34th minute , with a leftie from outside the zone.  At the end of the first half  he scored the second goal ,  by striking again with his left foot , under the goalkeeper.  With two goals scored this week , the 24 year-old midfielder  reached the quota of 6 goals in the league. Shala has become a key point for the team Slovan Liberec , that for the moment is ranked 4th , a place that sends them in Europa League.