Abrashi celebrates the return in Bundesliga

Bundesliga 2 gave the verdict of the season , and the most notable thing was the celebration of Freiburg , that defeated Heindenheim 2-0 , and mathematically winning the championship. Part of the line-up was the Albania footballer , Amir Abrashi , that this season has showed his values. A party with beers, cheers and especially music. Even Munich 1860 celebrated after a difficult season. The situation was chaotic a couple of weeks ago , but the team of Valdet Rama won the last three matches , and the 1-0 success against Paderborn confirmed it all.

It might be a coincidence but , the moment when Valdet Rama came back from the injury , the team progressed. The situation in the camp of FSV Frankfurt seems hopeless . In the last 11 matches , the team lost 6 , and drops in the second last place.