Cana confesses his adventure for FIFA

Lorik Cana gave in interview for the official page of FIFA. The captain of Albania is considered a fighter , and has played for the colors of teams such as PSG, Olimpique Mareille, Sunderland , Gallatasaray , Lazio and the now for Nantes. With 89 matches played for Albania , the 33-year-old holds the record for the matches played for the national team , and will lead the team towards UEFA EURO 2016. This is the biggest achievement for the Albanian football.

On 11 June , Albania will face Switzerland , and exactly 13 years ago Lorik Cana made his international debut for Albania against the same team. The match has held in Geneva , only 60 km from where he grew up.

‘’It is a lovely coincidence’’ – declared Cana. – ‘’ My father was a professional footballer. He taught me everything and he was a real winner. He instilled he values in my and taught me to never give up.

I’ve always wanted to represent Albania and the Albanian people. The awaited invitation came when I was 19 years old. The national team is very important for the Albanians inside and outside the borders. A lot of players were born and grew up abroad and the Albanian Football Federation gave us the chance to achieve something beautiful together. This is the foundation of our common work and success for EURO 2016- underlined the captain , who also speaks about the future.

“We have our minds set on one date and that’s 11 June. That first match will be the most important one, and my thoughts are on it and nothing else. I couldn’t possibly have a bigger dream than qualifying with my country in international competitions. I can’t really say what will happen after EURO 2016 because there are a lot of young players that are improving. Each of us should know when the time is right to retire. I will talk with the federation and my family after EURO 2016, in order to take a decision. I will take the decision that suits best for me and the national team. As for me , I will always support the national team – either from the outside or the inside the field ‘’ – stress the captain of the national team of Albania , Lorik Cana.