De Biasi confesses the recipe of success for ‘’Tuttosport’’

National hero , man of the records , or simply Gianni De Biasi. These definitions may seem exaggerated for a common fan , but for the Albanians the coach of the national team is an idol. And why? It is simple: thanks to him Albania was qualified for the first time in the European Championship ‘’France 2016’’ , an event never occurred before for the small country across the Adriatic. The success of the Italian coach is not random or lucky , and for ‘’Tuttosport’’ the coach has explained the basics of his work , entering in more complex situations , like the tactics of the game.

To the question how is he going to motivate a national team that has joined for the first time the European Championship , he answers : ‘’By working with the minds of the players : I convinced them , because I trusted blindly , that through organizing the work , we would follow and achieve an objective never reached before’’. We should mention the linguistic aspect , and the difficulties that can come up during the explaining of tactics in foreign language: ‘’ Most of the players , 24-25 that I usually call for the national team , understand perfectly , as for the others I have as translator the captain Lorik Cana, that can speak more languages that a translator. Especially when he speaks in a technical way, and brings my basic concepts the way I intend to’’.

The actual coach of Albania has a rich career with the clubs , but of course , the management of a national team is something different: ‘’ The role of the selector leaves less space to work during the week. But the mentality for the national team works the same as the clubs. We utilize 110% of our time. I use the videos in order to understand the mistakes that I couldn’t notice during the game. ‘’ After the end of their respective championships , i will allow only one week of rest for the players. We will meet on May 23 in Bad Valtersdorf , near Graz in Austria , where we will stay until June 2. A friendly against Qatar is scheduled on 30th and on the 3rd of June we play against Ukraine in Bergamo. The forthcoming days we practice in Zingonia, and on the 5th the team will be off , before the transfer in Perros-Guirec in Brittany. From the 6th and on we will concentrate our work in tactics and speed , waiting for our debut against Switzerland on June 11.