De Biasi : I believe in my boys

The coach of Leicester , Claudio Ranieri is not the only Italian that achieved success out of his country , by winning the title in Premier League. There is another Italian protagonist that made the headlines: Gianni de Biasi turned into a national hero in Albania. 59-year old led his team towards their first European. A historic achievement for Albania, reflected even in the speech of PM Edi Rama , saying : ‘’ I want to express my biggest gratitude to Gianni De Biasi!’’.

Tirana and Prishtina celebrated after the qualification. No one expected this achievement , when in 2011 , De Biasi was appointed to the Albanian bench. The draw for the qualifying group put him in front of Denmark , Portugal and Serbia. ‘’ When I said that we can make it , they started to laugh at me..’’. But thanks to his Italian style of play , solid defense and balance , he did it. The 1-0 win in Lisbon was the one that gave the impetus. On 5 goals suffered in 8 matches.

The key of success of De Biasi was his strategy to dive into the ‘pool’ of Albanian emigrants that played in Europe , of course , with Albanian and Kosovar ties.

By describing himself as a motivator , De Biasi achieved this qualification. He would answer this way to the question of what he likes most about himself , in an interview for FIFA : ‘’ I am proud and passionate, even though these aspects can hinder your work. My role is to find a tactical system that can help us give our best. Knowing the boys and their dedication I can chose the line-up with my eyes closed. The spirt of the team and sacrifice are our strength .