De Biasi : I’m calm , we are working well

Today afternoon at 17:00 , in Bad Waltersdorf , the coach of Albania , Gianni de Biasi , held a press conference , before the match with Qatar , that will be played tomorrow afternoon at 17:30 , in Hartsburg , Austria. The coach praised the commitment of the footballers , that since 23 May have officially started the preparations for the finals of the European Championship. ‘’I’m calm and relaxed and focused on the work with the team. We have found an excellent time , an extraordinary structure , that created us excellent chances of work.  I’m satisfied with the spirit and readiness of the team. We have the data of every football players and we know exactly the physical load of everyone. The GPS cannot tell everything. Another aspect is the psychological preparation of the footballers.

Regarding the match with Qatar , de Biasi declared: ‘’ This match is the first after some months and is considered as an important test in many aspects. We may take many conclusions , from the work done during these days’’ – declared De Biasi.

As for the list of 23 players that will go in France , the coach declared : ‘’ The decision will be taken on 31 May , after the last training. Only after that we will decide who will travel to France.  Every football player is like a son to me , and will be really hard to tell them that they won’t be in France. But these are the challenges of football’’. Right after the press conference , the coach of Albania , went on the training camp , to conduct the last training session before the match with Qatar.