Dear fans

Dear fans

Dear Albanians , that today are dressed with Red&Black colors

Without you we won’t be celebrating one of the most important victories of Albania , and one of its best presentations.

Without your enthusiasm in the streets of the cities we’ve played ; without your enthusiasm in the stadiums of Lens, Marseille and Lyon , surely , our presentation would have been different.

You were a great support for us. Everyone , wherever you are. That is why I would like to thank you deeply, from me personally and in the name of all the boys , who were fascinated by your manners and your trust.

I am grateful that in this important moment , you found the time and economic possibility to support us in this great venture. You supported us when we needed you the most. The red&black jersey that you wore these days in France , has become recognizable and beloved by all. Like you did it , with the vibrant choirs and charming banners : with exemplar fans and images that are part of world media. The team made their efforts in the field , but you won the battle in the stadium and in the squares of France. After this European Championship, the fans will be mentioned as much as our team. I am thankful for your impressive image that you are leaving in this event.

Thank you for trusting us. For never seizing to cheer , even in difficult moments in Lens , or in the last minutes of the match of Marseille. Your spirit and your strength were an extraordinary encouragement, as reported by the world media.

Thank you for firing up with enthusiasm the squares of the cities of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro. The squares of the biggest capital cities of the world were decorated no more or less with red&black colors! The echo of your calls reached upon us, and gave more trust.

The celebrations are not over yet and we hope to offer you more magical moments. We hope to continue this journey together. The team tried everything in the field but you won the battle in the seats of the stadiums , in the street or in front of the TV screens. We are all united , that’s why we feel stronger , more responsible and passionate. A passion that we discovered together , a passion which will take us far ahead.

Once again I thank you!

Without you , we wouldn’t have been these that we are today!

Armand Duka