Etrit Berisha

Born: 10th of March 1989 (age 27), Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

Height: 1,94 m

Weight: 92 kg

Club:  Lazio

Position: goalkeeper

Foot: right



  • How do you feel about the Albanian National football team playing in the European Championships 2016?

 It has been a great journey since the first day I played with the National team. Every day I’ve played and defended the goal was an honor to me. A dream became true when we finally achieved the EURO. I am looking forward to enjoying the tournament with all our fans! They support us and they have always been with us.


  • It is the first participation for the Albanian Team in the European Championships. What do you think about this historic chance?

We do have 3 games to play in our group. That means that our chance is as good as it has been in the qualification. With our team, with our spirit and quality, we can achieve passing the group stage. This is our goal!


  • When did you first get in touch with football? When did you start playing as a professional football player?

I started playing when I was 8 years old. I was a player, a midfielder before I became goalkeeper. I’ve always loved to save the goal! When I was young only the bad players were goalkeepers, but I really liked it and I realized that I have to follow my passion!

To be honest I knew it at the very beginning that my future will be football. And I always knew that I want tob e part oft he National Team. Actually this was my motivation to go foward!


  • Looking back, which advice would you give a young Albanian football player?

 It’s an honor to be a footballer! It brings a lot of joy and at the same time it takes a lot of energy as well as a lot of time that you are on your own. But with all these difficulties on the long way to become a professional…if you really get there, It means the most beautiful thing that you have done in your life! Yopu feel joy and satisfaction!


  • What are your personal expectations and goals for the Euro 2016?

I really hope that we can pass the group stage. If we don’t, I would feel really disappointed, because I think we have a lot of quality in the team and we know what it would mean to pass it!


  • Which team is your favourite in the European Championships 2016?

If it’s not us, I don’t care!