Eurosport writes for the success of Albania

The qualification of Albania in the finals of EURO 2016, made all the foreign media write about us. Eurosport in the Italian version published an article about the achievement of our national team , making a brief summary of our football history , but not only that.

In this article , protagonists were the key players of the National Team. The coach Gianni De Biasi thinks that the national team has completed a mission that goes beyond a ‘’sportive achievement’’. ‘’ In life , you have to trust your abilities. If you don’t , it is useless to hope. This is the victory of the Albanian people , united under a flag. This is an amazing feature ‘’ – declared the Italian manager. Part of the article were the protagonists of the field like Cana, Sadiku and Lenjani , who declared that Albania has a different mentality now and is hungry for success.