International media interview with President Duka

The interest of foreign media continues to remain high , for the preparations of the national team of Albania , in Bad Wastersdorf of Austria.  There are days that a group of journalists from the prestigious French newspaper ‘’L’ekip’’  are staying near the national team , taking interviews and reporting. Today ,the president of the Albanian Football Federation Armand Duka , was  invited for an exclusive interview. The nr1 of the Albanian Football Federation stressed among other things that:  the finals of the European Championship are a product of the work of many years. You cannot build anything only in 5 years. We have begun the work for the improvement of infrastructure.  We continued with the qualification course for coaches , through the school of coaches. A great job is done for selecting hundreds of players , that today play in Europe or Albania.

President Duka declared that the strength  of Albania is the group of the footballers. ‘’ We don’t have Ronaldo , Messi or Ibrahimovic , but we have players that fight and give their best for the team. They all sacrifice a lot. The coach has motivated them , in I praise his work , even dealing with little details ‘’ sadi the President of AFF , for the French newspaper.