International media show interest for the Red&Blacks

The press office of AFF , receives every day requests from important international agencies , TVs , newspapers and magazines. The require interview with the players of the national team of Albania , coach Gianni De Biasi and President Armand Duka. There are also requests for reports form the training camp of Albania.  The journalist of the BBC , Alex Capstick , landed in Austria for interviews. Coach De Biasi held an interview with the prestigious English paper ‘’The Guardian’’ at 13;00. There will be other visits from international media in the days to come.

Meanwhile, the Reuters Agency published two articles. The first one was an analyze for the Albanian national team , and the second a profile for the keeper Etrit Berisha. In its analysis Reuters writes for the profile of the Albanian team , and what it will achieve in France. Regarding the ambitions that Albania has , they quote President Armand Duka : we won’t go in France for tourism but to show our best.