Our first goal is to pass the Group. An Exclusive Interview with Swiss Coach Mr.Vladimir Petkovic

A short profile of Mr.Petkovic


Coach: Vladimir Petković

Born: august 15th 1963 (Age 53), Sarajevo, Bosnien-Herzegowina

Height: 1,90 m

Weight: 90 kg

Wife: Ljiljana Petkovic

Children: Lea Petkovic, Ines Petkovic

Position: Middlefield

In his active career Vladimir Petkovic was hired by FK Sarajevo, lateron by several teams in Switzerland.
His coaching career was also mainly based in Switzerland. He coached the tessin teams Malcantone Agno und AC Bellinzona. With Bellinzona he reached the swiss cupfinal in 2007/08 and climbed up tot he highest series.
In May 2012 he changed tot he FC Soin and in 2013 to Lazio Rome who played in the highest italian liga. With Lazio Petkovic won the italian Cupfinal.
After the FIFA worldchampionship in 2014 he started coaching the swiss National Team, following Ottmar Hitzfeld. Because of the qualification tot he EURO his contract will be automatically prolongued.


„Your road to France 2016 was a hard one. After three defeats you became second behind Great Britain in Group E. What are your goals for the European Champsionships in France?“

We want to pass the group stage and reach the second part of the tournament. Once we have arrived there, we shall find time to come up with adapted goals.

„In the first rounds you are playing against France, Romania and Albania. Who are the strongest opponents?“

All of the are very strong teams. If not, the would not be part of the tournament. We do not think that 24 teams are a bad idea. The best teams of Europe are playing the EURO. What can you ask for more? However, this also means that the way to our goals is very hard to go. If you want us to name one team: France. They are the favorites not only in Group A but also for winning the title.

„You participate your fourth European Championships. Is it special playing in France for you?“

It is always good to be not too far away from home. Makes traveling easier. However, once you are on the job you do not feel much of difference to anywhere else. Of course, we do hope that a lot of Swiss supporters will travel to support the team. No venue seems to be very far away from Switzerland…
„What do you expect from Albania?“

First of all, the Albanian team fully deserved the qualification. They did a great job in group that was not too easy. A team able to beat Portugal in Portugal can be able to get much more. Very strong players. Very good team spirit. Very hard to play, not only for the Swiss team. From media side a lot of emotions and even martial teminology have brought into this game. It is of course a special one, however, at the end, it remains a football game that the better team may win.

„Many Albanian Players are engaged in Suisse Teams. Whom do you know best?“

We know them all very well, of course. And we know perfectly well, too, that there are some great players from other leagues in the team, too. No need to mention any names.

„How do you judge the work of teamchef De Biasi? He led Albania to the first Euro in history.“

Great job of a great guy. We played Albania in the World Cup qualification recently, and they were very hard to beat. Until now they have improved a lot. We think that De Biasi has found the very best mixture of talents, spirits and discipline.

„Your tipp: Who will be the European Champion 2016?“