The national team , relax and games

Discipline and high intensity . For 9 straight days , Gianni de Biasi and the staff applied this Spartan-like regime to the team. And the man who leads the Red&Black team , made a surprise to all .Even though the schedule said ‘’9:20 , starting of practice ‘’ he changed everything , surprising the team and the staff. The entire delegation , headed for a entertainment park , situated 15 minutes , away from Hotel Falkenistein. For nearly 90 minutes , the players ,the staff , coach de Biasi , even President Duka , organized different activities , entertaining the entire delegation.  Inside the games , were also physical exercises , but what was the most important aspect for the coach , the relaxation of the team and the creation of a good vibe within the group. Divided into two teams , players and staff competed with each other for the winners place.   The team returned to the hotel , at noon , in order to continue with the schedule , which foresees a visit in the Museum of Arts in Vienna , to see the arms and the helmet of our National Hero Gjergj Kastriot Scanderbeg.