The Red&Blacks , departs tomorrow for Italy

The national team departs for Bergamo. This might be considered as the second phase of the preparations of the national team for the finals of the European Championship’ ’France 2016’’. The team will travel on the afternoon , from Graz to Bergamo. The team will make their official practice at 19:00 at the stadium ‘’Atleti Azzurri’’, of Bergamo. At 18:30, coach Gianni de Biasi and his staff , will hold a press conference for the media. On 3 June , at 20:30 , the national team of Albania will play the last friendly match against Ukraine.

For two days the national team will train in Italy. Then , on 6 June at 10:00 , it will travel in Perros Cuirec , in France, which is the official residence of the Red&Blacks. The first training session will be held the day of arrival at 17:30. On 7 June , the regime with two trainings a day will be established , one at 10:00 and the other at 17:30. There will be a press conference , every day , at 17:00.