The talents of Zagreb are the main protagonists

Lokomotiv Zagreb is near to qualifying for Europa League , with three Albanian players , Herdi Prenga, Eros Grezda and Endri Cekici , as protagonists. The talents of national team u-21 played since the first minute in the 2-0 win against Osijek , in Zagreb .

As for the team of Rijaka , they had a tough win against Hajduk Split. Bekim Balaj started since the beginning , and Roshi was not gathered with the team.

Not an easy match for Rijeka , that concluded the first half in disadvantage. In the 53rd minute Balaj was substituted with Veshovic , who scored after 3 minutes. The victory goal came 11 minutes before the whistle , and Rijeka is still in play for the head of the classification , behind Dinamo Zagreb.